Altars and Wells

One common thread we quickly observe as we journey through the story of the Jewish patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – is their devotion to basic principles that underpin their lives. These men were primarily farmers, owning and raising livestock as well as cultivating the ground. And they were often on the move in... Continue Reading →

Streams of Life

Strait rivers Flow over Calm the soul Change the goal Though the road be rough I'll strive through the toughs And endure the training Until the world is trailing And I'm brought to the place of the tethered One not connected with chains or fetters But by "The Seal" The sceptre in the Trinity Comforter... Continue Reading →

Its year 2016! we are again in 2016 (in fact, February 5 is the date) and we are still waiting and hoping for the best of God's promises in the year. But here are a few questions to ask yourself/ thoughts to ponder on (though its quite late for a new year) 1. What is/are my goal(s)... Continue Reading →

Have you felt this too?

There is an inexplicable love I feel A love that is greater than that of a mother It sure flows from the heart, but from deeper within A love that is not accusative It brings love and joy like a river in the desert There is an unfathomable peace deep within me That gives me... Continue Reading →

Born to lead

Have you ever heard or thought about the fact that you were born to lead ? Don't doubt it my dear friend, you have a leadership potential in that special field of yours. When God created you, He gave you an innate ability (which is special to you) for your leadership role. That ability is... Continue Reading →


Just standing here Don't know what to write But as I savour the environment I can only but give praise to God He who created the flying birds Also created the swimming fishes At the same time created land animals Different are those that eat grass From those that eat flesh He made the night... Continue Reading →

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